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Medical Technology

Uni-Heal 2200 – 10 Man Chamber

The Uni-Heal 2200 (HBO) is a well-engineered hyperbaric medical treatment facility. The treatment chamber is equipped with flat end walls and rectangular doors for easy entrance of patients with wheelchairs and stretchers. The decompression chamber and all support systems are designed to a 50msw depth rating. The chamber approval is according to ASME VIII DIV.1 PVHO-1 or if requested the pressure vessels can also be built in compliance with EC 97-23 certification. The chamber is provided with water deluge systems, in compliance with the NFPA-99 or EC guidelines as applicale. Overall chamber certification for Europe is EC97-43. The standard chamber can accommodate up to 6 patients seated in the main chamber and 2 patients seated in the entry chamber. This can be modified to meet customer's specifications. Bunks are provided as standard but removable individual seats can be provided as an option. The bunks allow for patients to be in a seated or recumbent position. The internal fit-out includes sound powered phones, hyperbaric fire extinguishers, BIBS system, Caisson gauge, CCTV monitoring and an entertainment system. The chamber has a hyperbaric fire deluge system and a fire extinguisher in both the entrance and main chamber. The modernly designed chamber control panel is ergonomically laid out to easily analyse, control and communicate. A manual control panel is supplied as standard. The control panel includes a data recorder for monitoring all critical parameters of the chamber such as pressure, time, temperature, relative humidity, oxygen and CO2 %. A PLC control system can be provided as an option. The control module is detachable from the chamber for ease of transportation. All pipe interfacing is designed to easily be connected or disconnected with the chamber. The entry lock doors can be supplied with a military STANAG NATO interface flange for mating with transport chambers. The chamber is supplied with a primary and secondary air supply system. The primary supply comprises a low noise, low-pressure breathing air compressor with an air drier and air receivers that are split into a primary and secondary supply and a medical breathing air filtration system. The secondary air supply system comprises a high-pressure breathing air compressor with air storage cylinders. The chamber is provided with an oxygen supply systems with overboard dump system. Comfortable oral nasal masks as well as free flow hoods can be used in the chamber. The main chamber is provided with a chamber conditioning system (cooling / heating) for controlling the chamber environment. Internal lighting for the chamber compartments are provided in the form of dimmable internal LED lights with individual reading lights.

Design Pressure Vessel Code: ASME VIII div 1-PVHO, U-stamp or Euro Norm (EN)
Certification Authority: SGS / Lloyds Register.
Max. Depth Rating: 50m
Chamber Dia.: 2200mm
Increased dia. up to 3000mm is available on request
Medical Lock: 300mm fitted with safety interlocks
Length Overall: 5800mm
Height Overall: 2280mm
Width Overall: (excl. control panel): 2230mm
Internal Height: 1850mm
Standard Occupant Capacity: 10

The Uni-Heal 2200 can be supplied together with support machinery and equipment. We can also provide a service of installing and integrating the Uni-Heal 2200 system into the clients' medical facility. flange for mating with transport chambers.

Order Detail:

Uni-Heal 2200 - 10-Man Chamber - 2200 dia D-MH-133
Spares for Uni-Heal 2200-10 D-MH-133-01


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