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8.5m Support Craft

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  • 8.5m Support Craft
8.5m Support Craft

This vessel is designed to be an 8.5m long aluminium support craft that features a V-bottom hull shape for stability in a stationary diving operation. It is built to meet the stringent requirements of its diving operations clients and statutory institutes like MCA. The 8.5m Support Vessel is equipped with high performance marine diesel engines, driving a highly manoeuvrable waterjet aft drive achieving a cruise speed of 20 knots and a top speed of 40 knots. The layout of the support vessel can comfortably accommodate 6 in a 4 passenger, 2 crew member configuration. The 8.5m support vessel system is designed for the function of conducting transport operations in locations that are not accessible by larger vessels. The craft is deployed off a mother vessel via a dedicated launch and recovery davit.


Length: 8.5m
Beam: 3.0m (including fenders)
Weight: 3.5t
Number of Occupants: 2 x Crew, 4 x Passengers
Max. Speed: 40 knots
Cruise Speed: 20 knots
Propulsion: Diesel jet
Launch Configuration: Side launching
Davit Configuration: Single arm
Davit SWL: 3.5T

Order Detail:

HYDRACraft 1500 Diving Daughtercraft D-DB-259
Davit for HYDRACRaft 1500, Macgregor G-Type 15t Davit D-DB-260
8.5m Support Craft. Diesel Jet propelled Davit deployable Aluminiun craft. D-DB-257
Davit for 8.5m Support Craft. A-Type Macgregor Davit with constant tension D-DB-258
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