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Specialised Boats

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Length o.a. 11.62 m
Length rigid hull 10.25 m
Width o.a. 4.10 m
Width rigid hull 3.50 m
Height 4.20 m
Draught 0.80 m
Approx. Weight approx. 10 tons
Speed 30 knots
Approx. Installed power 870 hp 640kW
Propulsion twin waterjet
Number of divers 2 and 1 standby
Deco Chamber 1 diver + 1 medical

  • The FDSC is a robust Fast Diving Support Craft and meets IMCA and ADCI minimum manning standards
  • It can perfectly be used in close approach situations
    To protect the divers and equipment a waterjet configuration is installed on the craft
  • The craft is fitted out for Air /Nitrox diving operations with no Decompression Limits
  • The tube around the craft is partially foam filled.
  • For Back-up/accidents a two persons Recompression-tank (one diver and one medical) is available on deck to recompress the diver
  • At the back of the FDSC a large retractable platform with a diving ladder, in conformity with the IMCA guidelines, is situated for easy entering and getting out of the water
  • The craft has an enclosed superstructure for the helmsman, the diving supervisor and the standby diver. The diving panel is integrated in the superstructure and is easily accessible from the outside of the craft
  • For ease of operation a single point off load lifting hook is installed
  • The craft is designed to be multifunctional which means that the recompression-tank, the gas cylinders and the umbilical storage boxes are removable
  • Racks with gas bottles are positioned under deck and are connected to a manifold for easy refill and efficient use
  • A separate marine generator set is installed on the FDSC
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