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SL 3.2, Compact 1800 Chamber & Dive Control

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This IMCA compliant compact system now offers clients the advantage of a 3-diver air/nitrox control station cohesively subjoined to a fully integrated chamber control area and 1800DDC.  This versatility allows for operators to meet contractual compliancy while reducing overall dive systems costs and optimising deck space.

Order Detail:

SL 3.2 DCON (A) 1800 Chamber & Air Dive Control Container   D-CDS-456 
SL 3.2 DCON (N)1800 Chamber & Nitrox Dive Control Container D-CDS-456-01
SL 3.2 DCON (M) 1800 Chamber & Mixed Gas Dive Control Container D-CDS-456-02