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Chamber Options

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Chamber Options

Order Detail:

Back Pressure Regulator integrated into BIBS Exhaust (main and entry lock) D-DC-016-01
BIBS Mixed Gas & Oxygen Cross Over Panel incl Back Pressure Regulators D-DC-016-02
16-Way Bio Medical Penetrator Assembly fitted to ML D-DC-016-03
Chamber Heating System including internal Heater Unit and External Hot Water Supply Unit (1800DDC Only) D-DC-016-04
Chamber Heating and Cooling System, Heating and Cooling. incl internal Fan Coil Unit and External Hot & Cold Water Plant supplied loose with typical installation guide  (1800DDC Only) D-DC-016-05
HYDRA 500 CO2 Scrubber 12VDC fitted in ML D-DC-016-06
Chamber Internal Camera - internally fitted camera in each lock with a LCD screen and video feed for connection to DVR D-DC-016-07
Thermo Hygrometer (1 per lock) D-DC-016-08
Sound Powered Phone – Tone Generator D-DC-016-09
General 1500-1800 DDC Spare Kit D-DC-016-10
General 1500-1800 DDC Spare Kit- Major Service D-DC-016-11

Note: A variety of design codes are available including ASME VIII, ASME VIII U-Stamp & PVHO, CE etc.

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