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Bell Battery Pack

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  • Bell Battery Pack
Bell Battery Pack

The pack is designed to fit into the 50 Litre cylinder bracket space. It can be easily integrated and can meet the demands of many of today’s modern bell requirements. It is fitted with shunt protection, reverse polarity and short circuit diode protection. The battery pack includes, a battery bank and battery charger built into a certified external pressure vessel.


Length: 1792mm
Dia.: 256mm
Max External Depth Rating: 300msw
Temp Range: 0°C - 52°C
Voltage Supply: 220/110VAC
Voltage Output: 24VDC
Capacity: 75Amp hrs

Order Detail:

Bell Battery Pack - ABS: D-BE-003
Bell Battery Pack - DNV: D-BE-004
Bell Battery Pack - General Spares: D-BE-003-01
Bell Battery Pack - Battery Replacement Set: D-BE-003-02
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