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Diving & Life Support

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EH144 Electrical Divers’ Heater

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  • EH144 Electrical Divers’ Heater
EH144 Electrical Divers Heater

The EH144 Electrical Divers’ Heater is a robust and reliable 144kW IMCA-compliant sea water heating system. The EH 144 is also available with either ABS or DNV certification.


  • Heating capacity can be increased to 210kW by addition of an EH70 pre-heater
  • Fully automatic and fully adjustable sea water temperature within 0.5 deg C
  • Equipped with over temperature safety cut-outs and mechanical inlet water regulators for ship water supply pressure variances
  • Monel Alloy heating elements resistant to sea water at high temperatures means a longer service life
  • Safety devices in place as specified by ASME VIII and IMCA

The unit is for internal use only. Our helpful Sales Team can assist you with your requirements for divers’ personnel hot-water suits and accessories.

Weight: +/-420kg (empty)
Length: +/-1620mm
Width: +/-920mm
Height: +/-840mm
kW of Heating: 144kW
Max. Temp. above Ambient: +/-410C
Outlet Flow: 60 Ltr/min (at 60Hz)
Outlet Pressure: 40 bar
Power Requirement: 3-Phase, 440VAC 60Hz or 380VAC 50Hz
Electrical Amps Requirement: 190A

Order Detail:

EH144 (IMCA) 144 kW Electrical Divers Heater D-DH-088
Divers Heater Sacrificial Anode D-DH-088-01
Element spanner for Divers Heater Elements D-DH-088-02
Heating element, 6kW for Electrical Divers Heater D-DH-088-03
EH144 (ABS) 144 kW Electrical Divers Heater D-DH-089
EH144 (DNV) 144 kW Electrical Divers Heater D-DH-090


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