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DH157 Diesel Divers Heater

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  • DH157 Diesel Divers Heater
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The DH157 Electrical Divers Heater is a robust and reliable 157kW IMCA compliant sea water heating system. It is suitable for situations where the vessel does not have the electrical power needed to supply the electric heaters.

• Sea water temperature is manually controlled and adjustable to within 0.5 deg C
• Equipped with over temperature safety cut-outs and mechanical inlet water regulators for ship water supply pressure variances
• IP65 rated and comes complete with a weatherproof cover and lifting slings
• Safety devices in place as specified by ASME VIII and IMCA.

Our helpful Sales Team can assist you with your requirements for divers’ personnel hot-water suits and accessories.

Weight: +/-950kg
Length:  +/-1800mm
Width:  +/-800mm
Height:  +/-1600mm
kW of Heating:  157kW
Max. Temp above Ambient:  +/-45 deg C
Outlet Flow:  60 Ltr/min (at 60Hz)
Outlet Pressure:  40 bar
Power Requirement:  3-Phase, 440VAC/60Hz or 400VAC/50Hz
Electrical Amps Requirement:  10A


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DH157 Diesel Divers Heater D-DH-091
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