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PDC-A3, Portable Air Dive Control

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  • PDC-A3, Portable Air Dive Control
PDC-A3, Portable Air Dive Control

The Portable Air Dive Control is a modular and portable dive control that can easily be transported and deployed onto a vessel, container or craft. The PDC-A3 is housed in Aluminium flight cases and complies with IMCA D023.

• Control Panel Modules: These can be fitted out with Air, Nitrox or Mixed Gas panels
• 19” Rack Module: This is fitted out with diver comms, hat-light and camera controller, diver video DVR and umbilical interface panel
• Monitor Module: This is fitted with 3 x 17” monitors

3 x Panel Module:
Width: 1500mm
Height: 1200mm
Depth: 300mm
Weight: 70kg
1 x 19” Rack Module:
Width: 600mm
Height: 800mm
Depth: 650mm
Weight: 60kg
1 x Monitor Module:
Width: 1100mm
Height: 400mm
Depth: 250mm
Weight: 70kg

Order Detail:

PDC-A3 Portable Air Dive Control  D-DP-020  
PDC-N3 Portable Nitrox Dive Control D-DP-021
PDC-MG3 Portable Mixed Gas Dive Control   D-DP-022
Clearcom 4-Channel Deck Communication Unit c/w main control unit and 4 mounted slave units. Machinery space, Main LARS control, Standby LARS control, Bridge. D-DP-020-01
UH Deck Camera Controller, incl. 4 x deck cameras & cables D-DP-020-02
Diver Comms upgrade to Helium unscrambler for PDC-MG3 Portable MG Dive Control D-DP-020-03
Back up Mixed Gas Diving Comms Unit - 3 Diver AMCOM Portable unit with Helium unscrambler D-DP-020-04
Back up Comms Unit - 3 Diver AMCOM Portable unit   D-DP-020-05
Spares Kit for PDC-N3   D-DP-021-01
Spares Kit for PDC-MG3   D-DP-022-01
Spares Kit for PDC-A3 D-DP-020-06


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