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1800 WS, 3-Diver Air Dive Control Panel - Surface Mount

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The 1800 WS 3-Diver Air Dive Control Panel is a compact IMCA – compliant dive control panel.

• Designed for installation in dive control rooms and containerised system
• Equipment is surface mounted allowing easy access during maintenance
• Consists of 1 x HP inlet with a dedicated control regulator and 1 x LP inlet per diver
• Diver's gas source can be swapped over to a back-up supply if needed
• Diver's supply pressure can be controlled and closely monitored
• Independent Depth and O2 monitoring facilities for each diver
• High pressure is supplied to the dive panel and is regulated using controls on the panel

Height: 1150mm
Width: 470mm
Depth: 205mm
Weight: 60kg
Divers Gas Supply: 3 x 3/8” JIC
HP Inlet Supply: 3 x 3/8” JIC
LP Inlet Supply: 3 x 1/2” JIC