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Diving & Life Support

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Three-Diver Portable DSP3 Helium Speech Unscrambler

  • Three-Diver Portable DSP3 Helium Speech Unscrambler
User Manual

The AMCOM™ III 2830A-12 Three-Diver Portable Communicator with DSP3 Helium Speech Unscrambler with Outdoor AC Power Module and International Locking Power Cord features hard-wired, three-diver communications for both air and mixed gas diving. The HSU module utilizes the latest in technological advancements. The core of our design incorporates a state-of-the-art digital signal processor to correct raw helium speech to a clear, intelligible voice. The improved Treble Boost offers greater control over the amount of gain added to the high-frequency portion of the diver’s microphone. The Depth Control can be finely tuned using a multi-turn potentiometer providing the tender with better speech quality. The Noise Reduction Filter (NRF) uses a complex Digital Signal Processor algorithm to capture the background noise and reduce it without affecting the divers’ speech.

This innovative concept allows our HSU to be the first unscrambler to use both frequency and time domain technologies for real-time audio processing. This state-of-the-art digital design accommodates a multitude of functions ranging from the correction of the diver’s raw helium speech to normal intelligible voice levels, advanced treble boost, and complex noise reduction filters (NRF).

The communicator features separate channels and volume controls for all three divers and the tender so that uplink and downlink paths can be customized for varying equipment configurations and individual comfort levels.

The newest version of the AMCOM ™ III has the same versatile user interface, rugged durability and great sound quality as its predecessor with several new digital enhancements: (1) High-Audio Fidelity; (2) Extended Battery Operation; (3) Flexible Gain Settings and (4) Ultra-Low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). The Overview tab outlines the many outstanding features that continue to make this model the most popular and powerful communicator and HSU on the market today.

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