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4-Deck Camera Control Rack

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  • 4-Deck Camera Control Rack
4-Deck Camera Control Rack

The 4-Deck Camera Control Rack is designed to power 4 x 12Vdc CCTV cameras. The Camera Control Rack has a 2U, 19inch rack form factor. This Rack complies with the requirements set out in IMCA, ABS and DNV.


  • Each output is powered by a dedicated medical grade switch mode power supply providing galvanic isolation (no direct conduction path) between the supply and output to each individual camera.
  • The cameras are individually controlled via the control switches located on the front of the rack.



Power Source: 115 – 230Vac 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 1.2A/115Vac 0.7/230Vac
Power Output: 12Vdc 3.7A Max per Camera
Width: 483mm
Height: 88mm
Depth: 335mm
Weight: +-5kg

Order Detail:

4-Deck Camera Control Rack D-EE-197
Deck Camera and 20m Cable D-EE-197-01
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