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DS 11, Diamond Chain Saw

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  • DS 11, Diamond Chain Saw
DS 11, Diamond Chain Saw

The Stanley Underwater Diamond Chain Saw DS11 brings new technology to the underwater concrete cutting industry. Using segments impregnated with diamond and laser welded to the saw's chain, the commercial diver can cut concrete (including wire or rebar reinforced), brick, concrete block, masonry or stone underwater. The Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Diamond Chain Saw DS11 comes furnished with hose whips and couplers.

• Cuts square corners without over-cuts and the labour and expense of corner drilling and patching
• Plunge cut capability
• Ergonomic handles and guards help to reduce commercial diver fatigue and provide protection from contact with the chain or materials being cut
• Heavy-duty cast aluminium chain guard prevents a loose or broken chain from being thrown from the saw.
• The Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Diamond Chain Saw DS11 is powered by a Stanley Hyrevz motor
• The Wall Walker that provides leverage for cutting is standard equipment
• Painted hi-visibility yellow

Capacity: 15" or 18" bar (38cm or 45cm bar)
Performance: Underwater Concrete and Masonry Cutting
Flow Range (Underwater Model): 12gpm (45lpm)
Pressure: 2000psi (140bar)
Ports: 8 SAE O-Ring
Weight (With 18" bar, Chain and Couplers): 26lbs (11.8kg)
Length (With Bar And Chain): 35" or 38" (89cm or 97cm)
Width: 9" (23cm)
Connection: 3/8" Male Pipe Hose End
Lubrication / cooling: Internal Water Channels in bar

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Stanley, Diamond U/W Chain Saw, Less Bar & Chain, Hosewhips, DS 11 D-ST-159


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