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BandMask® 18 / BandMask® 28

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  • BandMask® 18 / BandMask® 28
BandMask® 18 / BandMask® 28

The fully tested and certified KMB 18B and 28B Band Masks may be used in mixed gas diving as well as shallow water diving. The SuperFlow adjustable demand regulators provide low inhalation resistance and high gas flow letting the diver breathe easier and work harder with less exertion. Both masks come standard with the large tube SuperFlow 350 regulator. The Side Block Assembly of both the KMB 18B and 28B receives the umbilical over the shoulder in the B configuration. They both come standard with the Tri-Valve™ exhaust system. The communications connections can be either a male waterproof plug-in type or bare wire posts. The major difference between the 18B and 28B is the material of the mask frame itself. The 18B has a hand-laid fiberglass frame (yellow) while the 28B frame is an extremely durable injection-molded plastic (black) frame. The relative ease of production of the 28B frame allows for a lower cost and quicker delivery of this mask. Other differences include: the main exhaust body of the 28B is part of the frame itself and uses a #545-041 main exhaust cover; no comfort insert is required on the 28B; the face ports for the 18B and the 28B differ slightly in size

Order Detail:  
BandMask 18 w/ MWP Connector (500-026) D-PD-340
Hardshell BandMask® 18/28 , Plastic (520-026) D-PD-340 01
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