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KMDSI Helmets SL 17B

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  • KMDSI Helmets SL 17B
KMDSI Helmets SL 17B

The side block assembly is standard in the B configuration, receiving the umbilical over the shoulder. The SuperLite 17B offers comprehensive head protection, an adjustable demand breathing system for gas economy, anti-flooding features, rapid emplacement, a neck dam clamp that mechanically breaks a low-pressure lock, and a trim to fit angled neck dam which seats the helmet comfortably, especially when working in the face down position. The pull pin neck clamp release provides a system for prevention of accidental helmet removal. The Helmet Shell is hand-laid, glass fiber reinforced, thermal-setting polyester (fiberglass) with carbon fiber reinforcement at key points for added durability. It is light and highly impact resistant, and provides a heat / cold barrier as well as being an excellent electrical nonconductor.

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KMDSI Helmet SL 17B w/MWP Connector (500-011) D-PD-346 


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