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LARS Load Monitoring System: 1-3 ton

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  • LARS Load Monitoring System: 1-3 ton
LARS Load Monitoring System: 1-3 ton

The primary function of the Bell Load Monitor is to monitor the dynamic loads applied to a Bell’s LARS and to alert the operator when the loads have reached or exceeded the safe operating limits for the system. The system comprises of multiple interconnected components and equipment to operate.


• Real time display of measurements
• Measurement of load applied to main wire rope
• Displays Bell distance travelled
• Displays Clump weight travelled
• Displays Umbilical distance travelled
• Displays ambient temperature
• Displays internal temperature of the A-Frame junction box


Monitor Rack:
Power Source: 100 – 240Vac 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 1.2A/110V 0.6A/230V
Power Output: 24Vdc
Width: 483mm
Height: 177mm
Depth: 425mm
Weight: +-10kg
A-Frame Junction Box:
Power Source: 24Vdc
Width: 530mm
Height: 162mm
Depth: 310mm
Weight: +-16kg

Order Detail:

LARS Load Monitoring System : 1-3 ton D-EE-195
LARS Monitoring System line out counter upgrade : 1-3 ton. D-EE-195-01


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