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Buoyancy & Ballast

Seaflex Water-Filled Bags as Counterweights

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Seaflex Water-Filled Bags as Counterweights

  • Seaflex Water-Filled Bags as Counterweights
Seaflex Use of Waterbags for Installation Counterweights Application Note

Stability and control using Seaflex water-filled bags for your installation

Seaflex, A Unique Group brand, have now worked on a number of projects where our water-filled bags have been used as installation counterweights.

The reason for this is generally to add stability to a structure during rotation and/or towing – to ensure equilibrium, control and correct attitude throughout the process.

This principle has been applied to structures such as dock gates as well as offshore platforms. When supplied with drawings and weight calculations by the client, we are able to work with them to determine the optimum amount of ballast required, how best to position it, and how best to secure it.

The alternatives to the use of water-filled bags within such an application would generally be large lumps of steel or concrete, which because of their sheer size are difficult and expensive to transport and handle.

In contrast, Seaflex water-filled bags are:

  • Easy and cheap to pack, transport and stow until required.
  • Easy to handle and to rig.
  • Easy to fill, assuming a plentiful supply of water.
  • Easy to remove, pack down and stow once the job is complete.
  • Available on a project rental basis.

Over the next few pages on the attached PDF, you will find examples of how this concept has been successfully applied to two of our installation projects.

Your projects will have their own specific sets of parameters, but our engineers will be able to work with your engineers to apply these concepts successfully to your projects. Contact us to enquire.

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