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Buoyancy & Ballast

Crane Load Measurement & Monitoring Systems

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Crane Load Measurement & Monitoring Systems

Design, fabrication, and commissioning of standard and custom crane load measurement and monitoring systems.​

The need to accurately measure load, strain and force, or a combination of these, is an essential requirement for a significant number of applications. Water Weights provides a comprehensive range of standard equipment and build customized solutions based on client requirements.​

Given our history spanning over three decades in industry, we have extensive knowledge of customer requirements and desired functionality. Building on this experience, we design and build crane load monitoring systems that are of high quality, reliable and easy to install, calibrate, and maintain. â€‹

Our systems provide real time measurement of critical components and assemblies to support either the daily operation and long-term maintenance of the crane.​

Applications include:​

  • Above the hook (sheaves, drums. trolleys)​
  • Below the hook (links, shackles, canisters, beams)​
  • In the hook block (trunnion, sheave pin, hook)​
  • Rope dead end (A2B, wedge socket, clamp-on, line rider)
  • Cabled or wireless telemetry
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