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Survey Equipment

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C-Boom assy (cat/cable/topside)

  • C-Boom assy (cat/cable/topside)
C Boom Low Voltage Boomer
C Phone MEH

One of the major problems associated with traditional boomer systems is the size and weight of these systems. Air freight costs can be prohibitively expensive and in many cases the remote location of surveys limit the size of cargo that can be easily transported. The C-Boom Low Voltage Boomer system reduces the shipping weight and size of consignment thus providing additional capability in remote locations. In addition to this the system supply voltage of 400 - 600v is considerably less than the 4kV pulsed supply that is used to "hit" traditional boomer plates.

The towed catamaran contains the energy storage, energy discharge control and transducer. This helps to minimise the very intense electromagnetic and electrical fields that you would find if using a "Bang Box" on board the survey vessel. The data quality produced by the C-Boom Low Voltage Boomer is of very high quality and tuned to obtain the maximum geological information with decimeter resolution and maximum penetration. Data examples can be supplied upon request.  The rental system comes complete with a comprehensive set of field spares and a C-Phone MEH. The signal from the C-Phone MEH can be fed into all standard data acquisition systems such as CodaOctopus or Chesapeake SonarWiz Software.

Key Features

Low voltage system.

Low freight costs.

Easily portable.

Mobilised in minutes, simple to set up and use.

Can be operated by surveyors.

Operates from a 1KW generator.

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