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  • SMC IMU 108
SMC IMU Manual
Knudsen Chirp 3260 Echosounder and Sub Bottom Profiler

SMC has developed its IMU range of Motion Sensors to meet the requirements of the hydrographic and marine sectors. The IMU range provides high accuracy motion measurement data in dynamic environment in all areas from small hydrographic vessels to large oil rigs in all weather conditions.

The SMC IMU 108 uses solid state gyros and accelerometers to provide real time motion measurements with high dynamic accuracy even during accelerations. State of the art design construction and assembly produce an IMU with an extremely high reliability in the most demanding marine environment. Ideal for providing heave compensation for a wide range Single Beam Echosounders or Sub Bottom Profilings such as the Knudsen Chirp 3260 Echosounder and Sub Bottom Profiler.

Key Features

Heave 5cm or 5%.

Roll & pitch 0.03° (RMS) dynamic accuracy @ ±5° amplitude.

Velocity Input Formats RMC, RMA, VTG, VBV, VHW.

High dynamic accuracy during vessel turns and manoevers.

Depth rated to 30m.

RS232 or RS422 heave/pitch/roll outputs.

Various industry protocols NMEA.

Enables survey to IHO standards.

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