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Applied Acoustic Nexus 2

  • Applied Acoustic Nexus 2
Applied Acoustic Easytrak Nexus USBL

The Applied Acoustic Easytrak Nexus is an advanced Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) positioning and tracking system which incorporates Spread Spectrum Technology to provide a secure acoustic link. It determines the position of dynamic subsea targets through the transmission and reception of acoustic signals between the submerged transceiver and the target beacon.

By incorporating Spread Spectrum Technology the wide bandwidth transmissions reduce its susceptibility to interference and enables more accurate positioning. Spread Spectrum Technology is also better at rejecting unwanted reflected signals which improves operations in challenging locations such as ports and harbours. To benefit fully from this chirp technology Applied Acoustics 1000 Series Mini Beacons are also available from Unique Group.

At the heart of the system is the Nexus Command Console, a powerful 2U rack mounted processor with direct connection to the system’s Transceiver. Though the Transceiver has integral pitch, roll and heading sensors, serial ports on the Console allow the additional interface with external reference units for higher accuracy. Further ports connect to the display monitor, keyboard and mouse and to the ship’s Ethernet.

Like other Easytrak systems Nexus works with a variety of underwater targets and beacon types including Pingers, Responders, Release and Positioning Transponders, both in traditional ‘tone-burst’ and Spread Spectrum modes.

Key Features

10 channel simultaneous tracking.

Secure spread spectrum technology (chirp) to improve acoustic link.

Integral pitch, roll and heading sensors.

Inputs for external heading, navigation, sync and responder out.

Extensive range of compatible beacons.

Easy intuitive operation.

Hemispherical tracking.

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