Fixed-Electric LP Air Compressor and Filter set-F5120

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  • Fixed-Electric LP Air Compressor and Filter set-F5120
Catalogue - D-CP - Compressors
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The F5120-454 is a 4 cylinder V-configuration industrial compressor mounted on a 454L receiver. This compression is driven by a 3 phase electrical motor. A starter box and filtration set are included in this package. 


Length:  1954mm
Width: 864mm
Height:  1829mm
Approx. Shipping Weight:  970kg
Bore LP:  6 inch 
Bore HP:  3.25 inch
Stroke:  4 inch
No. Cylinders:  V4
RPM:  951
ACFM @ 12bar:  90.4
Std. Press. Switch Set:  135-175 PSIG
Tank Size:  454ltr
Killowatts:  18.6


Filter Set:  
1st  Stage:  Water Separator
2nd Stage:  1 Micron Particle Removal with indicator 
4th Stage:  0.003mg/m3 Max
Remaining Oil Vapour  
Installation kit included   


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