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Small Three Phase Towing Winches

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The winches available from Unique Group  have been modified to suit the rental market. All have remote as well as local controls, certified lifting frames, and splash proof electrical enclosures. Cables can be exchanged quickly to enable the winch to be customised to suit individual client requirements. The sealed slip rings fitted are terminated into a junction box which can accept either a deck cable or any water proof electrical connector.

The MPD winch shown above has a capacity of 1000m of 8.2mm single coaxial cable, and is ideal for two-wire digital sidescans. The autopulse system can be programmed to move the spooling gear precisely for every revolution of the drum.

Key Features.

Hydraulic versions available.

Up to 1200m cable capacity.

Spooling gears on some larger units.

Sealed Focal sliprings.

Robust construction.

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