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Survey Equipment

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CodaOctopus GeoSurvey

  • CodaOctopus GeoSurvey
CodaOctopus Digital Geophysical Processing
CodaOctopus GeoSurvey

CodaOctopus GeoSurvey Replay Software is available with much of the post processing software that may be required for production of charts and reporting. Coda Mosaic, Pipeline Inspection and Geokit software can be quickly installed on to a high specification PC system to suit the clients requirements. The main difference between this system and the Geosurvey range is the lack of acquisition software and hardware.

All Coda GeoSurvey Productivity Suite software is built on a Replay backbone providing the simultaneous display of shallow seismic, sidescan and magnetometer data. Up to eight channels of data acquired in all standard formats (including CODA, SEG-Y, XTF) can be viewed and sent real-time to multiple printers. Powerful display tools which are easy to find and simple to use are provided to make the most of your hard-won detail. Image enhancement, user defined colour palettes and noise filters all help to make the interpretation stand out. Editing the position of your data is simple. Simply swap out time-based navigation files at the click of a mouse, or dig in deep and edit at the ping level.

A host of features requested by users at every level have been added. Along Track Speed Correction compensates for vessel speed changes enabling you to match up sidescan and shallow seismic data ping by ping. Seismic data sets can be vertically referenced back to a datum, or the seabed shape restored from ROV motion. Using the continuous TIFF image output gives a seismic profile ready-scaled to drop in to your charts.

The sonar image above is reproduced by kind permission of Osiris Surveys Ltd and the North of Scotland Water Authority. It shows the wreck of MV Sweetpea found off Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides. A GeoAcoustics dual frequency sonar system was used with data being displayed and processed by a Coda acquisition and replay unit.

Key Features

Dedicated data reporting software.

Supplied as software & software key (dongle).

Includes Seismic+.

Includes Geokit Sidescan.

Includes Geokit SBP.

includes Geokit on Mosaic.

Includes Pipeline Inspection.

Includes File Utilities.

User-configurable report generation.

Can replay all Coda data as well as many proprietary formats.

All Unique Group Coda systems have maintained and current software licences.

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