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Edgetech 2200-M Modular Sonar System

  • Edgetech 2200-M Modular Sonar System
Edgetech 2200-M Modular Sonar System

The EdgeTech 2200-M Modular Sonar System is designed for installation on an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) or on a Remote Operated (ROV). It gathers side scan and/or sub-bottom data using EdgeTech’s proprietary Full Spectrum (enhanced chirp) technology in water depths up to 6000 meters. A modular system is provided as a complete package including sensors and pressure vessel. Alternatively, it can be integrated into the AUV pressure housing. The system can operate independent of the AUV by setting parameters before deployment, or a processor on the AUV can control it. Heave, pitch, roll, yaw, temperature and pressure are additional optional sensors.

The sub bottom profiler provides sensor packages with Full Spectrum pulses in the ranges of 4 - 24kHz, 2 - 16kHz and 1 – 6kHz. The transmitter may be installed in front of or behind the receiver arrays. Separate hydrophones are mounted on the underside of the vehicle to provide a narrow acoustic beam width. The transmitters and receivers are custom designed and built to operate over a large contiguous bandwidth.

An important feature which enhances the ability of the Full Spectrum Sub bottom Profiler system to classify sediments, is realized by the built in deconvolution of the system response from the output pulse. The sonar’s system impulse response is measured at the factory and is used to design a unique output pulse that will prevent the source from ringing. In addition to this, the Full Spectrum wavelet is weighted in the frequency domain to have a Gaussian like shape. As the Gaussian shaped spectrum is attenuated by the sediment, energy is lost but its bandwidth is preserved. Thus, even after being attenuated by 20 meters of sand, the Full Spectrum pulse has approximately the same resolution as a non attenuated pulse.

The output of the matched filter processing in the underwater electronics is stored locally in the AUV mode. EdgeTech records the correlated data with phase information intact. Since nonlinear operations are not done on the correlated data, one can easily derive the raw data from the stored correlated data. Storage in this form allows the user the option to exercise the post-processing feature on any properly equipped computer without the unnecessary and time-consuming requirement to pass the data through a matched.

Key Features

Full Spectrum chirp sub-bottom profiler.

Completely autonomous operation.

Controllable from AUV or acoustic link.

Low power consumption.

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