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Satel 3ASD Radio Modem

  • Satel 3ASD Radio Modem
SATEL 3ASd UHF Radio Telemetry Tranceivers

A high-speed UHF Radio Modem with Developed Data Transfer Characteristics, the SATELLINE-3ASd is a half-duplex radio modem suitable for a variety of data transfer applications, in particular ones demanding high speed and precision. In addition to the maximum data speed of 19.2 kbps and channel spacing 25 kHz or 12.5 kHz, it offers a number of features and functions. Message Routing is a new feature in SATELLINE-3ASd modems, which makes it easier to build up a large radio modem network.

The SATELLINE-3AS software includes a selectable error correction, which improves the functioning of the radio modem under interference. SATELLINE-3ASd is compatible with the interface types RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485. Without changing the hardware all the parameter settings of the radio modem can be modified through the interface from a PC. The model SATELLINE-3ASd is equipped with a LCD display of its own, which facilitates programming of the radio modem.

Unique Group  units come complete with 10m antenna cables, splashproof cases and 440-470 UHF end-fed dipole antenna.

Key Features

370 to 470 MHz.

RS232, RS422 or RS485 interfaces.

Built in LCD user interface.

Data speed 19.2 kbps.

Can be used with a wide range of monitoring equipment.

Installation is easy and intuitive.

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