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HQ30D Hand Held Meter c/w 30m cable pH

  • HQ30D Hand Held Meter c/w 30m cable pH
Hach Lange HQ30D pH Meter

Have confidence in your pH readings. High Quality Digital (HQD) means complete, coordinated, stable meters with practical accessories and intelligent electrodes. What makes Hach Lange HQ30D pH Meter special is the newly developed INTELLICAL electrodes, which store all relevant characteristic parameters in digital form. In practice this means they measure parameters correctly, more reliably, and are more flexible and simpler than ever before.

Hach Lange HQ30D pH Meter communicates clearly this was a priority for HACH LANGE with clear, legible text on the illuminated display. The intuitive menu structure is user friendly and ensures smooth, error free handling. From one touch measurements to the programming of complex tasks, you will appreciate the plain language of HQD.

INTELLICAL electrodes are the proud result of more than 50 years of glass blowing craftsmanship. In cold drinking water, heavily polluted waste water or low-ion process water, you benefit from their quick response times, maximum calibration stability and long service life. The electrodes supplied by Unique Group are made of stainless steel, which remain intact even under the most trying conditions. Cables of 30 m in length enable digital data transmission from previously inaccessible measurement locations, e.g. lakes, boreholes and bridges.

Key Features

pH gel electrode.

Minimum response time.

Selectable resolution down to 0.001.

HQD meter notifies you when calibration is required.

30m sensor cable.

Rugged probe.

USB interface.

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