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Kongsberg GeoAcoustic DFSS Sonar

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  • Kongsberg GeoAcoustic DFSS Sonar
Kongsberg GeoAcoustic DFSS Sonar

The Analog Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar is a tool for seabed feature mapping, offering high quality results in a simple and reliable package. It offers switch selectable dual frequency operation (114 / 410 kHz). The towfish is available in depth ratings of 1000m and 2000m.

The standard system employs a lightweight towfish (Model 159D), which is easily deployed by one person. It houses a multiplexer  (Model SS982), allowing data transmission over long cables, as well as the two dual frequency transducers (model 196D port and starboard). The transceiver unit (model SS981) outputs a signal compatible with all major acquisition systems.

The Tranceiver deck unit allows the operator a simple means to select operation parameters such as operating frequency, Gain, Time Varying Gain (TVG) and  Automatic Gain Control (AGC), with duplicated controls for the port and starboard channel.

The Towfish was designed as an easily deployable stable platform for versatile operations. The Multiplexer is the sub-sea processing unit. It  holds all transmit, receive and multiplexing electronics and uses standard subsea connectors to the transducers and tow cable, thereby ensuring that transmission power is not lost over the tow-cable and reducing the risks  of high voltage defects.

Key Features

1000m depth rating.

Switch selectable dual frequency (114 / 410 kHz).

High bandwidth and resolution.

Multiplexed data transmission over long cables.

Easy to operate.

High reliability (MBTF > 10,000 hours).

Hight efficiency / low power.

Simple maintenance.

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