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Survey Equipment

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Impact Subsea FMD System

  • Impact Subsea FMD System
Impact Subsea FMD System

A ground breaking underwater Flooded Member Detection (FMD) system has been launched today by Impact Subsea in collaboration with Unique Group.

The Impact Subsea FMD System offers a significant advancement in flooded member detection providing a new level of clarity in non-destructive testing for the presence of water in underwater structures. Suitable for use by Divers or ROVs, water level, depth of reading, position of the sensor probe and temperature of water are all monitored and recorded. With 1mm accuracy and a range in excess of 100m, the Impact Subsea Flooded Member Detection system provides an exceptionally high accuracy reading.

An advanced software suite provides a visual indication of all sample points along the underwater member or structure being surveyed. Upon completion of the survey the software automatically generates a survey report with all recorded readings. Utilising a broadband composite transducer probe together with an advanced digital acoustic engine provides the highest level of accuracy and reliability in readings.

Key Features

seaView Software to visualise all readings and generate a survey report.

Titanium Probe, highly robust and long lasting.

Integrated AHRS, understanding exact orientation of probe at a time of contact reading.

Multi-Echo output to visualise return if flooded member detected.

Depth, using the ISD4000 log the depth and temperature at point of reading.

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