Kongsberg HPR-400P HydroAcoustic Positioning System

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  • Kongsberg HPR-400P HydroAcoustic Positioning System
Kongsberg HPR-400P Hydroacoustic Positioning System
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A HPR 400P system is a stand-alone  portable system. It is based around  a rugged, splash-proof, shock resistant  and all in one portable cabinet. The cabinet contains all the surface  electronics necessary for underwater  positioning.  The portable cabinet is equipped  with strong carrying handles and  has detachable covers at the front  and rear.  Together with applicable software  and a transducer, the system is easy  to use by simply interfacing the  applicable transducer to the backplane  of the portable unit.

A HPR 400P system can be directly  interfaced to a Differential Global  Positioning System (DGPS)  receiver, making it possible to give  transponder position, Super Short  Base Line (SSBL) or vessel position,  Long Base Line (LBL) in UTM  coordinates.

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