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Imagenex 878 Side Scan Sonar

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  • Imagenex 878 Side Scan Sonar
Imagenex 878 Sidescan Sonar

The Imagenex Model 878 Side Scan Sonar is the next generation in high resolution side scan sonar. The unit runs two simultaneous sonars on each side at different sound wavelengths, providing enhanced image clarity. To further enhance these unique sonar capabilities, the towfish is equipped with an optional echo sounder and a built-in orientation module as well as depth and temperature sensors.

The Model 878 system comes as a completely integrated package including towfish, cable, GPS enabled surface interface box, and Microsoft Windows™ based real time operation and data playback software, thus providing a complete, easy to use, but highly advanced acoustic bottom visualization system.

Applications: Underwater Archaeology, Sunken Timber Recovery, Search & Recovery, Surveying, Law Enforcement Work, Scientific Research, Environmental Survey.

Key Features

Simultaneous dual frequency (or single).

High resolution 1000 data points per side.

1000 m depth rating.

Up to 600 m (~2000') total coverage.

23 m (75') tow cable included.

LAN compatible.

Built-in internal GPS receiver.

Built-in track plotter.

Built-in orientation module.

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