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Seaeye Lynx

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Seaeye Lynx

The Seaeye Lynx is widely regarded as a leading observation and inspection vehicle within the oil and gas industry. Increasingly the Lynx is also being taken up as the ROV of choice by military and scientific customers seeking increased capability in deep water. The Seaeye Lynx is a very stable platform and is able to perform well in strong currents and under the harshest conditions providing excellent handling and manoeuvrability.

The Seaeye Lynx open frame construction and generous payload offer the possibility of adding a wide range of tools and sensors as well as interchangeable tool skids. The Seaeye Lynx is slightly larger and benefits from a fibre optic link to the surface a depth rating of 1500m and a second vertical thruster.

Key Features

TMS type 8 or free swimming operation.

Up to four live video cameras.

HD video capability.

Sonar systems, altimeter.

Scientific measurement systems (bathy, CTD, etc).

CP probe (contact or proximity).

Tracking systems.

Ultrasonic thickness gauge.

Tooling skids: water jet, 4 function manipulator, cutting tool, cleaning brush.

Flooded Member Detector (FMD) tool orientation skid.

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