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Applied Acoustics Seismic Sound Source

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Applied Acoustics Seismic Sound Source Plates
Applied Acoustic CSP-P Seismic Energy Source
Applied Acoustic CSP-D Seismic Energy Source

The Applied Acoustics AA201 and AA301 Seismic Sound Source, Boomer Plates produce a sharp, repeatable "industry standard" single pulse. Both models are field proven and differ in detail specification. The Model AA201 is the ‘small format’ transducer which can be towed on either the CAT100 or CAT200 surface tow vehicles. It is ideal for inshore surveys for high resolution sediment analysis with the CSP-L energy source or as a higher penetration device with the CSP-P and CSP-D models.

The Model AA301 is designed for higher power applications and has the extra advantage of use as a variable frequency boomer when used with the CSP-D range of energy sources. This allows wide ranging pulse widths not formerly available. The lengthening of the pulse width ensures even greater penetration whilst maintaining a high quality single pulse.

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