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Teledyne CARIS Onboard

Built on decades of hydrographic data processing expertise and supported by the highly scalable CSAR framework the CARIS Onboard enables users to process data in near real time from the same range of sonars and acquisition formats as CARIS HIPS and SIPS. Large volumes of data are automatically imported and the trusted HIPS and SIPS algorithms are applied.

CARIS Onboard fits seamlessly into the existing Ping-to-Chart suite of software, providing near real-time seafloor mapping and dramatically reducing the overall project time. Integrating with both autonomous and traditional survey platforms CARIS Onboard provides an operational advantage and allows your highly skilled workforce to concentrate on getting the best results.

CARIS Onboard can be easily configured to output data products, such as DEMs and image mosaics, which are kept up to date as new data is automatically processed. By the time the survey platform has completed its mission a fully geo-referenced DEM and mosaic, along with a HIPS project are available for final quality control and use in survey deliverables. Designed with autonomous operations in mind CARIS Onboard can also save valuable time and resources when used on survey vessels and launches.

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