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NaviSuite Uca

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The EIVA NaviSuite Uca is a 3D plug and play software bundle for integration with the Trimble® GCS900 Grade Control System. The user-friendly 3D software brings an array of features, allowing for efficient and precise dredging operations, which means less time spent in the cab and an overall reduced time frame of operations, from pre-survey to end report. You can upgrade NaviSuite Uca with the complete NaviSuite package for onshore monitoring and modelling.

Key Features

Dredging software matching your exact needs through a tailored software bundle developed in close collaboration with Trimble and customer representatives.

Real-time navigation of barge through integration with GPS receivers.

Constant quality control of data through the combination of all data in one view.

User-friendly solution that doesn’t require advanced IT skills through an intuitive and simple interface tailored to the dredging discipline.

Optimum solution for operations covering vast areas through unlimited size of the 3D model.

Facilitated communication through a network-based solution enabling team members to share the same view.

Quickly delivered high-quality report through automatic volume calculation of dredged areas combined with 3D visualisation.

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