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Typically available in up to 200m lengths this is a PU sheathed cable with a aramid braiding strain member. It consists of three coaxial conductors and three single conductors (soft tow version of armoured A301301) and is suitable for use with analogue sidecan systems such as the Edgetech 4100 towfish. Overall diameter is 12mm. This cable is stocked by GSE and is available for sale as well as rent.

  • multipurpose cable used for many soft tow applications
  • available ex stock Aberdeen
  • 2100kg break load
  • minimum bend radius 150mm
  • aramid strength member

Conductor: 3 x Screened cores

  • 0.93mm Copper Conductors
  • Polyethylene Insulation
  • Copper braid
  • Polyester/Copper tape Screen
  • Polyethylene outer jacket

Conductor: 3 x Signal

  • .34mm Copper conductors
  • Polyethylene sheath


  • Fluorescent Yellow Poly Urethane (PU)
  • Wall thickness nominal 1.6mm
  • Outside diameter (OD) nominal 13.8mm

Construction details:

  • Cable Pairs and Power cores around .045” Solid Poly Filler
  • Waterblock to fill interstices
  • Overall Mylar
  • Aramid wraps (strength to 2150kg)
  • Weight in air 260kg/km
  • Weight in Sea water 106.5kg/km
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