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  • safely secure soft tow cables
  • prevents damage by clamping along the cable
  • adjust length of deployed tow cable quickly and efficently
  • 900kg safe working load
  • suits most common soft tow cables of 7.8 to 13.4mm outside diameter

This handy tool can pay for itself within a very short time. How much time does a faulty cable cost you?

All too often we see cables returned with internal damage. All soft tow cables have a minimum bend radius which when exceeded can break the internal conductors. Wrapping the cable around a cleat or tieing it off with a simple knot will risk damage that can be difficult to detect.

The Klein Grip is extremely easy to use. There is a securing point for attachment to the vessel by rope or wire. Open the jaws, slot the cable in and gently release the cable until the towing load is taken by the clamp. Removal and adjustment is just as easy. Pull the tow cable until the load is released from the clamp, open the jaws and remove the cable......simple!

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