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  • CARIS BASE Editor
Teledyne CARIS BASE Editor

Use BASE Editor to access the latest tools for working with bathymetric data to validate, analyze, and compile datasets in a variety of formats from multiple new and historical sources. Integrate the latest high resolution bathymetry and topography with historical data in a user friendly environment. Visualize the data with raster images and vector features in the 3D viewer. Once the data is prepared, generate products like smoothed contours, depth areas and selected soundings for use in chart production.

CARIS BASE Editor supports bathymetry processed in the HIPS application, as well as many other common grid formats, and allows for the easy import of generic XYZ data. Once in the system, data can be easily contoured, decimated, interpolated and transformed. Connect to the Bathy DataBASE Server to provide a complete source bathymetry data management system.

Key Features

Flexible Format Support.

3D Visualization.

Powerful Analysis.

Seamlessly Model Land and Sea.

Ports and Waterway Management.

Product Generation.

Interoperability and Data Exchange.

Ping-to-Chart Solutions.

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