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CARIS Engineering Analysis Module

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  • CARIS Engineering Analysis Module
CARIS Engineering Analysis Module

The Engineering Analysis Module for the Bathy DataBASE suite, including BASE Editor, offers a scalable and interoperable solution for maintaining elevation data against a theoretical three-dimensional model. The analysis and decision support operations are applicable to a number of fields including port and waterway channel maintenance and dredging, pipeline operations and land excavation.

The Engineering Analysis Module for the Bathy DataBASE suite provides organizations with the latest technologies for scalable and comprehensive analysis of evaluation datasets in reference to a model. The solutions undergo continuous development to offer the marine GIS community progressive technology to address their evolving requirements today and in the future.

Key Features

Analyze bathymetric data's conformance with theoretical models.

Create models or use existing models defined in the open Land XML specification.

Use models to create raster surface representations of your infrastructure, such as quay walls, to detect deformation.

Compute the amount of material that has been removed or added to analyze maintenance work that has been done.

Use the powerful 3D visualization engine to identify areas of dangerous sedimentation and then publish reports of these shoal areas.

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