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CARIS S-57 Composer

CARIS S-57 Composer is a next generation desktop application for the production of electronic navigational products, including Electronic Navigational Charts, Additional Military Layers, Inland ENC and Digital Nautical Charts. By utilizing S-57 Composer desktop users now have access to the same robust object creation and editing tools that exist in Hydrographic Production Database.

Key Features

S-57 Composer’s internal and customized quality control tests have been reorganized, rewritten and extended to match S-58 Edition 6.0.

New check messages have been added to tests and the descriptions were re-worded to add clarity.

New test collections have been created to quickly determine if an ENC passes the mandatory Error and Warning checks.

S-57 Composer’s comprehensive validation reporting tools allow you to evaluate, view and resolve any issues present in an ENC created in CARIS or a third party ENC production software.

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