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Sonardyne Syrinx DVL

  • Sonardyne Syrinx DVL
Sonardyne Syrinx 500 DVL
Sonardyne Sprint 500 INS

Sonardyne Syrinx is a highly capable and versatile 600 kHz Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) for surface and subsea vehicles. It combines the high altitude, high resolution features of 300 kHz and 1200 kHz DVLs in a single, easy to install navigation instrument. The adaptive bottom lock technology inside Syrinx provides consistency and reliability over challenging and changing topography and works at an altitude higher than 85% of the world’s subsea infrastructure. This reduces the amount of time a vehicle has to dive on free inertial.

Syrinx can be used as a standalone DVL, as part of an integrated system, or perform both functions at once due to concurrent Ethernet and serial outputs, capable of ping rates of up to 25 Hz. Its dual capability means that only one DVL/altitude sensor is required for both ROV control and Survey crews, saving on cost and vehicle payload space.

When tightly integrated with Sonardyne’s INS, SPRINT, unmatched DVL aided navigation can be achieved. This allows for enhanced performance through optimisation of beamlevel data passed between Syrinx and SPRINT to aid velocity prediction and outlier rejection, with positioning able to continue even if one or two DVL beams are unavailable.

Syrinx’s onboard processor is able to report high resolution water velocity layer data in fine detail. This makes it suitable for ADCP applications or AUVs measuring water flow to update their positioning algorithms.

Key Features

A perfect replacement for your 600 kHz DVL.

High altitude, high resolution performance.

4,000 metre titanium housing as standard.

Replaceable transducers; water blocked. 

Easy to export. 

OEM options available.

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