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Retrolink is a cost-effective cathodic-protection retrofit system consisting of 3 to 15 anodes cast directly onto a heavy-duty wire rope.

The Retrolink attaches electrically and mechanically above the water line allowing the string to hang in the seawater with at least two anodes situated in the mud. The installation is almost always performed from a small vessel without using divers. This solution is suitable for any structure in less than 85 feet of water.

Each link hangs from a support that is welded or bolted to the structure. When the strings are attached, they hang with the anodes submerged.

Two anodes trailing on the bottom attenuate sea movement and prevent the string from wrapping around the structure. Retrolinks can be hung from any horizontal or vertical member or may be attached subsea if necessary.
For above-water suspension, PVC-coated wire rope is used for corrosion resistance. The modular design allows hang elevations to be easily adjusted in the field.

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