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The Kongsberg EM 3002 Multibeam Echo Sounder

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  • The Kongsberg EM 3002 Multibeam Echo Sounder
Kongsberg EM3002 Dual Head Multibeam

The Kongsberg EM 3002 Multibeam Echo Sounder is a new advanced multibeam echo sounder with extremely high resolution and dynamically focused beams. It is very well suited for detailed seafloor mapping and inspection with water depths  from less than 1 meter up to typically 200 meters in cold oceanic conditions. Maximum depth capability is strongly dependant on water temperature and salinity up to 300 meters is possible under favorable conditions. Due to its electronic pitch compensation system and roll stabilized beams, the system performance is stable also in foul weather conditions.

Key Features

300kHz frequency ideal for shallow water applications.

High maximum range capability and robustness under conditions with high contents of particles in the water.

Powerful sonar processor unit with 1 or 2 compact sonar heads.

Depth range from <1m to >200m.

Bottom detection by phase or amplitude.

100% bottom coverage even at more than 10knots vessel speed.

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