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Sonardyne MiniRanger 2

  • Sonardyne MiniRanger 2

The Wideband 2 digital signal technology and Sonardyne 6G hardware inside Mini-Ranger 2 USBL system provides precise acoustic ranging that is easy to set up and operate, even in the most challenging subsea operating environments. These features improve the efficiency of subsea survey operations, reduce vessel delays and generate cost savings for operators.

Mini-Ranger 2 is compact and highly portable, comprising a rack, desk or console mountable Ethernet Serial Hub (ESH), HPT 3000 acoustic transceiver and software, which is installed on a PC or ruggedised laptop. A wide range of Sonardyne 6G mini transponders can be used with Mini-Ranger 2, allowing you to select the most appropriate beacon for each task. These include: Wideband Sub-Mini 6+ (WSM 6+), Release Transponder 6 family (RT 6), Wideband Mini Transponder 6 (WMT 6) and the ultra-small Nano.

Mini-Ranger 2 is part of the Sonardyne sixth-generation (6G) UltraShort BaseLine (USBL) underwater target tracking systems. It offers a standard operating range of 995 metres (extendable up to 4,000 metres) and the ability to simultaneously track up to 10 subsea targets (e.g. divers, ROVs and structures) at very fast update rates. These features mean that Mini-Ranger 2 is ideal for nearshore operations on small, quiet vessels, vessels of opportunity, pipelay vessels and construction barges that need survey grade positioning performance without the cost and complexity of a deep water USBL solution.

At the heart of Mini-Ranger 2 is the HPT (High-Performance Transceiver) 3000 transceiver. Small and lightweight, HPT 3000 is perfect for installation using temporary, over-the-side deployment arrangements. The transceiver features a unique design of receiver array and transmitter, optimised to provide excellent tracking performance in shallow water, at high elevations, as well as in deeper water. USBL precision is dependent on the baseline between the receiver elements and signal to noise. This is where the HPT 3000 excels; its larger diameter array provides excellent precision and noise rejection.

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