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Sonardyne Fusion 2

Fusion 2 is Solardyne's software platform from which you can do all your Long Baseline (LBL) and Inertial Navigation System (INS) operations.

It builds on our leadership in LBL operations over the last two decades and incorporates the advances made in INS systems. The result is a system that removes the complex interfacing currently required for LBL and INS operations and which has real-time SLAM calibration capability for Sparse LBL operations – and much more.

Prior to this software calibrations for Sonardyne LBL and INS calibrations used two different software packages. Fusion 2 software is simpler, more intuitive and does the work of both.

This approach offers a world of benefits, not least time-saving. Set up is easier and faster, it allows real-time SLAM calibration,1Hz Wideband 3 LBL update rates, including your sensor readings, and you need less hardware. Fusion 2 has been designed so that it’s flexible for the future. It’s designed for today’s needs, but also so that future needs can also be incorporated more easily.

One of the main benefits of the first release made Sparse LBL operations faster and easier. Fusion 2 also lets you do your SLAM calibration while you survey, significantly reducing survey time.

Fusion 2 also allows configuration of acoustic and INS survey jobs ‘in the office’ prior to on-vessel mobilisation, reducing mobilisation time and helping you to be surer of your operations. Once offshore, using Fusion 2, SPRINT can initialise with ranges from just a single seabed reference beacon, making operation start-up quicker and simpler. During your operation, it then allows you to dynamically select and change seabed acoustic references during navigation, so there is no need to stop and reconfigure references, supporting uninterrupted survey operations, which is particularly useful for pipeline corridor arrays.

Fusion 2 introduces the concept of having separate beacons and seabed stands/locations tables. This feature better matches the reality of most offshore survey operations and allows an array of seabed stands/locations to be calibrated and stored and/or acoustic reference beacons can be changed out, without the need to reconfigure positions, greatly reducing the complexity for the operator.

LBL operations benefit from the new level of speed in ranging and telemetry updates created by Wideband 3. The software reacts faster, using every bit of data it gets as soon as it gets it and updates the position estimate continuously. Because telemetry data is embedded, such as sound velocity or depth, onto the end of range signals, there is no interruption of tracking updates.

Prior to Fusion 2, if you wanted a pressure reading while lowering a structure subsea, you had to stop ranging, get the depth or pressure sensor reading, then start ranging again. Now, at the end of a range reply, we can embed a telemetry reading with that sensor data using Wideband 3. You can even ask it to send you that sensor data every time you get a range. The information will be continuous.

Compatt configuration can be uploaded from Fusion 2 direct to an iWand, which can then be used to transfer the setup straight into the Compatts before they are deployed so you know the status of Compatts as soon as they get wet. Therefore, it all becomes a simpler, faster and easier operation.

Fusion 2 software will replace Fusion for LBL operations and negate the need for a separate SPRINT system for LBL INS. Clients will also have the option to use the system for more basic USBL INS operations, so a single system could address all operational requirements.

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