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Survey Equipment

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Sonardyne 6+ Compatt Gyrocompatt

  • Sonardyne 6+ Compatt Gyrocompatt

Gyro Compatt 6+ replaces the need to use a separate LBL positioning transponder and subsea gyro to support offshore construction campaigns. Using it, structure position and orientation can be accurately determined during lowering, set-down & as-built surveys, while for metrology, the instrument delivers the measurements required for pipe-end coupling.

By eliminating the cost and complexity associated with separate instruments, connected by vulnerable subsea cables and external battery packs, Gyro Compatt 6+ delivers significant operational benefits, saving vessel time and de-risking complex, deep water construction projects.

This, the third generation Gyro Compatt, shares the same field-proven mechanical design as previous models so there’s no need to adapt your existing survey tooling. It’s small and light enough to be installed by ROV, and a mechanical stab plate enables users to precisely align the unit to structures such as templates and manifolds.

It’s on the inside where Gyro Compatt 6+ differs from previous models. It operates using our exclusive Wideband 3 signal protocols so now, for the first time, sensor telemetry data (e.g. pressure, depth, temperature) can be embedded within navigation (ranging) telemetry data.

Using Gyro Compatt 6+ makes pauses in tracking to get sensor reading updates at vital moments a thing of the past.

Fusion 2 LBL software is the key to unlocking the benefits of Wideband 3. Only operations controlled with Fusion 2 are able to support Wideband 3 telemetry commands. Gyro Compatt 6+ transponders are backwards compatible with your existing Compatt 6 inventories. However, to achieve its full potential, you’ll need to use exclusively 6+ transponder arrays and Fusion 2.

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