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Survey Equipment

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Geo Marine Survey Systems - Geo Source 200

  • Geo Marine Survey Systems - Geo Source 200
Geo-Source 200 Light Weight
Mini-Spark 1000

These systems are ideal for use on small vessels, with limited back deck space, and they can be handled by one person. In water depths up to 500m, they can provide a vertical resolution of 10-30cm with penetration to 200-300mS below seabed depending on geology.

The source system consists of a negative pulse high voltage power supply, a floating power cable and the source catamaran.

Overall performance depends on acoustic characteristics of vessel, geology and acquisition conditions. The Geo-Source 200 lightweight is designed for operation with the Geo-Spark 1000 Pulsed Power Supply using the "Preserving Electrode Mode". This patented concept consists of using a NEGATIVE electric discharge pulse, instead of a positive electric discharge pulse.

For the highest resolution, it is recommended to set the energy output < 400 Joule. This power is usually sufficient in water depths to 300 m. These systems have been very popular on large-area surveys such as windfarm site investigations.

The Geo-Source 200 L catamaran:

  • The effective source depth is set to 15 - 20 cm below the surface. A constant source depth at 1/4 of the wavelength is essential in order to optimize the constructive interference between the primary pulse and surface ghost.
  • The electrode modules are evenly spaced in a planar array of 0.50 m x 1.00 m. This geometry not only enhances the downward projection of the acoustic energy, it also reduces the primary pulse length, since all tips are perfectly in phase.
  • Two electrode modules of 100 tips each allow the distribution of energy from the Geo-Spark 1000 PPS over 100 or 200 tips.
  • Each tip has an exposed surface of 1.4 mm , suitable for maximum 10 Joules per tip.
  • The standard electrode configuration with the Geo-Spark 1000 consists of 2 electrode modules of 100 tips each.
  • This configuration gives an excellent pulse over the 100 - 1000 Joule power range.
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