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Sonardyne GyroUSBL

  • Sonardyne GyroUSBL

Designed for Ranger 2, Gyro USBL is an all-in-one instrument that combines 6th generation (6G) High Precision Acoustic Positioning (HPT) acoustic transceiver and Lodestar Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) in the same unit. This combination eliminates alignment errors seen in conventional USBL systems that are dependent upon a vessel’s own attitude and heading sensors.

With the AHRS / INS in fixed mechanical alignment to the USBL’s acoustic array, and ‘in-water’ precalibrated at the factory, Gyro USBL can be quickly deployed without need for a USBL calibration. This enables significant savings in vessel time and operational costs.

The HPT 5000 (version 8084-0425) transceiver component of the instrument utilises the latest Sonardyne Wideband®2 signal processing and is fully compatible with other products in the Sonardyne 6G equipment range. Lodestar is tightly integrated with the HPT transceiver, providing highly accurate time-stamped motion and acoustic data. This enables unparalleled precision and accuracy of position estimation by removing many of the sources of error associated with all USBLs such as lever arm offsets, pole bending, and ship flexing.

Gyro USBL has always been a popular choice for installations on vessels-of-opportunity using through-hull or over-the-side deployment arrangements, or even the tip of pipelay vessel stingers, where Ranger 2 is being used to track the vessel’s own ROV as it conducts touchdown monitoring – often at extreme laybacks.

Gyro USBL is significantly smaller and lighter than its predecessor, smaller vessels, including Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs), can now gain the best performance possible from their Ranger 2 system. The new design is also still be manufactured in corrosion-resistance aluminium-bronze, so ideally suited to use in any waters.

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