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Sonardyne Ranger 2 6G USBL

  • Sonardyne Ranger 2 6G USBL
Sonardyne Ranger 2 Pro USBL
Sonardyne 8190 WMT
Ranger 2 USBL Software
Sonardyne 8271 WSMT (6G)
Sonardyne USBL Product Guide

Sonardyne Ranger 2 Pro is a survey grade Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) acoustic positioning system. I delivers in standard and Pro form. Designed for deep water, long range tracking of underwater targets and position referencing for dynamically positioned vessels. The system calculates the position of a subsea target for example an ROV by measuring the range and bearing from a vessel mounted transceiver to an acoustic transponder fitted to the target. Multiple subsea targets over a wide area and range of water depths can be simultaneously and precisely positioned.

Two versions of Sonardyne Ranger 2 USBL are available; Standard and Pro. In Standard configuration Ranger 2 allows multiple subsea targets to be simultaneously tracked from a surface vessel at ranges of 6000 metres and beyond. It is compatible with all makes of dynamically positioned system and can achieve one second position updates in any water depth.

Key Features

Simultaneously tracks multiple subsea  targets; ROVs, towfish, AUVs.

Compatible with all dynamically positioned systems.

Operating range beyond 6000 metres.

0.1% system accuracy when optimised.

Up to 1 second position updates.

Automated setup reduces delays.

Easy to use software.

Compatible with Sonardyne’s SPRINT acoustically aided inertial navigation system.

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