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Geometrics G-882 Marine Magnetometer

  • Geometrics G-882 Marine Magnetometer
Geometrics Technical Report M-TR91
Magnetic Search in the Marine Environment
Geometrics G-882 Marine Magnetometer

Very high resolution Cesium Vapor performance is now available in a low cost, small size system for professional surveys in shallow or deep water. High sensitivity and sample rates are maintained for all applications. The well proven Cesium sensor is combined with a unique and new CM-221 Larmor counter and ruggedly packaged for small or large boat operation. Use your computer and standard printer with our MagLogLite™ software to log, display and print GPS position and magnetic field data. The Geometrics G-882 Marine Magnetometer is the lowest priced, high performance, full range marine magnetometer system ever offered.

The G-882 system is particularly well suited for the detection and mapping of all sizes of ferrous objects. This includes anchors, chains, cables, pipelines, ballast stone and other scattered shipwreck debris, munitions of all sizes (UXO), aircraft, engines and any other object with magnetic expression. Objects as small as a 5 inch screwdriver are readily detected provided that the sensor is close to the seafloor and within practical detection range.

Key Features

Highest detection range and probability of detecting all sized ferrous targets.

Streamlined design for tow safety, low probability of fouling in fishing lines or rocks.

Quick conversion from nose-tow to cg-tow, simply remove the locking pin, move the tow point and reinsert.

New, high performance CM-221 counter module - up to 40HZ.

Depth rating 4000psi / 2700m.

Easy portability and handling, no winch required, single man operation, only 44 lbs with 200 ft cable (without weights).

Combine two systems for increased coverage. Internal CM-221 Mini Counter provides multi-sensor sync and data concatenation allowing side by side coverage which maximizes detection of small targets and reduces noise.

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